Baharaddin Adam


Place of Birth:    Malakal, Sudan

Education:          1996   B.A. in Industrial Design, College of Fine and Applied Arts,

                               Sudan University of Science and Technology, Khartoum, Sudan

                                 2014  Rosemount Tecknology Centre Desktop Publishing (Graphic Design) Montreal, Canada


Previous Experience:

1996-2001           In-house graphic designer for various Sudanese design companies

2001-Present     Freelance graphic designer for various Egyptian design companies


Solo Exhibitions:

1996                     Sudan University - Khartoum, Sudan

1997                     French Cultural Center - Khartoum, Sudan

1997                     Exhibition - Osaka, Japan

1998                    Applied Arts Faculty - Khartoum, Sudan

2002                   Cairo Atelier - Cairo, Egypt

2004                   Mashrabia Gallery - Cairo, Egypt

2005                    Museum of African Contemporary Art - London, UK

2005                    San Francisco Salon - San Francisco, CA

2006                    Mashrabia Gallery - Cairo, Egypt

2008                    Mashrabia Gallery - Cairo, Egypt

2010                     Draw international Gallery-Calyus-France

2010                     Heaven -Kigali,Rwanda

2011                      Old city - Damascus, Syria

2013                      V-Trimont- Montreal, Canada


Group Exhibitions:

1996                       French Cultural Center - Khartoum, Sudan

1998                       Goethe Institute - Khartoum, Sudan

1999                       “Sahrij Project,” French Cultural Center - Khartoum, Sudan

2003                      “Exposures,” Townhouse Gallery - Cairo, Egypt

2005                      Hadikat Al Azhar - Cairo, Egypt

2005                      Youth Salon - Cairo, Egypt

2006                     “Lebanon Aid Project,” Portrait Gallery - Cairo, Egypt

2007                      Townhouse Gallery - Cairo, Egypt

2011                       Lot Gallery - Cairo, Egypt

2016                      Kenya Art Fair - Nairobi, Kenya


1997                     “Styles of German Printing” - Khartoum, Sudan

1998                     “Coloration,” French Cultural Center - Khartoum, Sudan

1999                     “The Religious Dimension in Sudanese Plastic Arts” (w/ Canadian artists) - Khartoum, Sudan

2007                    “Sawa,” Townhouse Gallery - Cairo, Egypt

2007                    (Alphabet)“Sawa,” Townhouse Gallery - Cairo, Egypt

2008                    Photography Workshop Townhouse Gallery – Cairo, Egypt

2008                    Video Art Workshop (Dance) Townhouse Gallery – Cairo, Egypt



                              Individually collected in Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Sudan, Syria, United

                              Kingdom, and   the U.S.A. Canada.


                             Experimental photography and film making (Sufi dancers’ ritual).

Other Activities:

                           Designed 2003-04 artistic curriculum for refugee children, Sudanese Initiative for

                           Development       (SUDIA)  - Cairo, Egypt

                           Designed “Psycho-social Guide for Children and Peers,” SUDIA - Cairo, Egypt

                           Designed and authored “Book of My Memories” in collaboration with the Office of

                           the UN High   Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR),

                           The Hope Village and SUDIA